2017 PAWS GRANT APPLICATIONS NOTE: PAWS grants are now closed. Watch for information about 2018 grants this fall.

We will post a summary of this year's grant recipients shortly.

What is P.A.W.S.?

PAWS stands for Pride in Action With Students.

It became evident over the last few years that most middle schools have student clubs that encourage volunteerism and community involvement. Bearing this in mind, Take Pride Winnipeg! is hoping to engage with middle school students and harness their creativity and industriousness to put towards some worthy causes.  The PAWS program wants to help turn students' ideas for change into realities by offering small grants to those student groups that apply for them.

Program Outline

Students will come up with an idea for a project they want to tackle that will benefit their school, neighbourhood or the global community. Once the idea is decided on, students will get together to work on a grant proposal. Take Pride Winnipeg! will provide the student club or group with a form to fill out along with guidelines and criteria so they know what is expected in the grant proposal and what types of projects will be considered for funding. A teacher or another adult volunteer will be present to advise the group and ensure proposals meet all guidelines and criteria.

During the application process meetings may be set up between representatives of Take Pride Winnipeg! and the school group to gather more information about the project they are seeking funding for.  Once funding has been received work should begin on the project. A few students from the group should be chosen to provide Take Pride Winnipeg! with monthly progress reports on how the project is unfolding, as well as a final report upon the project’s completion. Groups are encouraged to document their progress with video and photos as well. It is generally expected that projects will be completed by the end of the school year in June unless otherwise agreed upon.

Benefits to participants

The students who become involved in the PAWS program will gain pride in themselves and in their city as a result of planning and participating in these projects and activities. They will become more familiar with planning out major projects, budgeting, report writing and proposal writing. They will learn the importance of time and resource management. They will see that they can make a difference and have an impact on the world around them. Lastly, they will take some ownership of their school or neighbourhood and as a result they will be less likely to become involved in the proliferation of graffiti or other acts of vandalism and they will be responsible when it comes to litter disposal and other acts that benefit the health of our planet.

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