Take Pride Manitoba Project

If your community outside Winnipeg is interested in holding community cleanups in 2020, please email carrie@takepride.mb.ca with your information. 

We are happy to provide your group with free garbage bags and gloves, but they must be picked up from Winnipeg as we are unable to deliver to locations outside of the city.   

The Take Pride Manitoba Project involves taking some successful Take Pride Winnipeg! programs and expanding them outside Winnipeg, to other communities in Manitoba. 

Manitoba, help us  #CleanCanadaTogether! Get involved today! Details will be shared on this page as events are confirmed. 

Team Up to Clean Up/Clean Canada Together partnering communities in Manitoba for 2019:

Cooks Creek--April 27, 2019, 50 participants picked up over 25 bags of litter and many pieces of metal.

East St. Paul--April and May cleanups. First cleanup April 30 had 250 participants collecting 30 bags of litter! Email Tyne Mills for more information on other cleanups planned. 

Flin Flon--May 26 and June 9, noon to 3:00 pm (with other dates TBD). Contact Danielle Yungwirth for more information. 

La Broquerie and Marchand--May 3 to 11. Over 1,000 participants collected 1.1 tonnes of litter! The entire town of La Broquerie has been cleaned, along with 60 miles of ditches along municipal roads and highways.

Mitchell--April 26. Mitchell Middle School--345 participants collected 175 bags of litter! 

Oakbank--During the week of May 4 to 12, 43 participants collected 106 bags of litter.

Portage La Prairie--Beautification Days May 1 to 15 had 10 cleanups, with 477 participants collecting 93 bags of litter. Stay tuned for summer and fall cleanups!

Roblin--20 participants collected 10 bags of litter during the Earth Day project planned by Fusion Credit Union.

Selkirk--On August 16, 17 participants collected 30 bags of litter. 

Stonewall--September 28, 70 participants collected 70 bags of litter, their biggest community cleanup ever! 

Teulon--May 23 (rain date May 24) starting at noon. Contact Teulon Collegiate for information. 

Woodlands--April 25. Woodlands School--135 participants were involved, collecting 50 bags of litter. 

Tim Hortons Team Up to Clean Up partnering communities in 2018:

Portage La Prairie--April 16 to 28 Results: 1,008 participants; 400 bags of litter collected.

Mitchell--April 27 Results: 330 participants; 160 bags of litter collected.

La Broquerie and Marchand--May 4 to 12 Results: 1,100 participants; 225 bags of litter collected.

Brandon--Tuesdays in May Results: 135 participants; 45 bags of litter collected.

Teulon--May 17 Results: 500 participants; 223 bags of litter collected.

Selkirk--August 16 Results: 40 participants; 50 bags of litter collected.

Stonewall--September 22 Results: 21 participants; 29 bags of litter collected.

Oakbank--September Results: 15 participants; 21 bags of litter collected.

We were excited to partner with the following communities to expand Tim Hortons Team Up to Clean Up in 2017:

Mitchell--April 19, 2017 Results: 300 participants; 100 bags of litter collected

Portage La Prairie--April 21 to 29, 2017 Results: 1,793 participants; 422 bags of litter collected.

La Broquerie and Marchand--May 6 to 13, 2017 Results: 1,100 participants; currently estimating over 3 tons of litter collected.

Brandon--May 13, 2017 Results: 70 participants; 100 bags of litter collected.

Teulon--May 18, 2017 Results: 450 participants; filled one 3-ton truck and two half-ton trucks with litter.

Selkirk--May 31, 2017 Results: 24 participants in the spring; 52 participants in the fall. 

Stonewall--June 3, 2017 Results: 75 participants in the spring; 50 participants in the fall. 130 bags of litter collected in total.

Is your community interested in holding a litter cleanup event? Please email Carrie@takepride.mb.ca for details.

Use the hashtags: #CleanCanadaTogether and #TeamUpMB so we can see photos of all your fun cleanup events! Tag Take Pride Winnipeg! too!

If you are within Winnipeg, please see our  Team Up to Clean Up page.