Cigarette Litter Cessation

Did you know that up to 30% of litter on city streets is cigarette butts?

Not only do cigarette butts contribute to litter on the streets, but they are also often picked up by birds and animals to line their nests, and can poison their young. Cigarette butts often end up in storm drains and in our waterways, affecting fish and other aquatic wildlife.

What can you do?

>> Pick up a FREE pocket ashtray from Take Pride Winnipeg, and take your butts with you while you're on the go.  Once you arrive at your destination, dispose of the butts properly.  Pick up a few more for any other smokers you know!

>> Do you own a business or manage a commercial/residential property?  We offer secure, fireproof butt containers on a 50/50 cost share from the manufacturer.  

For more info about either of these, reach out to us:

Take Pride Winnipeg and UnSmoke Canada are hosting cigarette butt cleanups from now until September 2, 2022!

All you have to do is:

  • Set aside some time to collect butts from the ground
  • count and bag the butts
  • email or call  204 792 5464 and register your butts

Take Pride will collect the butts from you to be weighed and added to the total, then send them off to  TerraCycle Canada for recycling!

Be sure to visit to learn more about creating a smoke-free future!