Cigarette Litter Cessation

Did you know that up to 30% of litter on city streets is cigarette butts?

Not only do cigarette butts contribute to litter on the streets, they are often picked up by birds and animals to line their nests, and can poison their young. Cigarette butts often end up in storm drains and in our waterways, affecting fish and other aquatic wildlife.

What is Take Pride Winnipeg! doing about it?

We are partnering with BIZ zones and businesses across Winnipeg to bring cigarette litter bins to high-traffic areas, so cigarette butts can be disposed of properly. If you are a smoker and see cigarette litter bins, please remember to use them. Please keep your butts off the ground!

We also supply pocket ashtrays to community festivals throughout the year, helping to reduce litter on festival grounds. These pocket ashtrays are reusable and we hope that everyone who takes one remembers to use it all year round.

What can you do about it?

  • Encourage your friends who smoke to use a pocket ashtray.
  • Have a receptacle outside your house or business to collect cigarette butts, to keep children, pets and other animals from eating them and to keep them from washing into our waterways.
  • Are you a business owner? Consider installing a permanent cigarette litter bin to keep the sidewalk in front of your business butt-free!

For more information about permanent cigarette litter bins, please contact Carrie Lund: or 204 956 7590.