Frequently Asked Questions

Is Take Pride Winnipeg an office of the City of Winnipeg?

No.  While we do receive some funding from the City of Winnipeg, we are an independent, registered charity. We have two full-time staff and hire between 14 and 20 summer staff each year. See details on who we are and our mission.

How much do you charge for school presentations?

Educational presentations are always free of charge.  It's important to us that we provide free, accessible programming to Manitoba schools.

From time to time, we may hold a special event or fundraiser, so those events may come with a fee. Any funds raised help to cover event costs and benefit our numerous programs.

How are you funded?

We receive some funding from the City of Winnipeg and the Province of Manitoba, as well as grants and sponsorships from a variety of businesses, organizations and foundations. We also accept donations from the public and can provide charitable tax receipts.

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Litter Bin Questions

I see litter bins around the city with Take Pride Winnipeg!’s name on them. How do I report when one is overflowing?

Take Pride Winnipeg! encourages everyone to use the litter bins and not throw their litter on the ground—that’s why you see our name on so many of them! However, we don’t own the bins and aren’t in charge of emptying them. 

Most bins are owned either by The City of Winnipeg or Benchmark Advertising (204) 784-1393

I want a bin in front of my business. How do I arrange that? 

Placement of bins is at the discretion of the City of Winnipeg. Please submit your request through 311, or contact Benchmark Advertising as above.

There is graffiti on our building. I heard you have summer crews that remove the graffiti. Who do I contact?

Please contact 311 to report graffiti. Take Pride Winnipeg! hires graffiti removers each spring and summer, but all reports need to be filed with the City of Winnipeg. Remember to note the address of the property, the type of graffiti and the material the building is made of (wood, brick, etc.). Once a report is filed, permission is required from the building owner, and the crews receive their lists for removal. They may paint over graffiti or use other methods to blast it off.

There’s a bunch of litter/old couch/pile of lumber etc. in our neighbourhood. Can you please come clean it up?

We do not have the physical resources to pick up litter from every location, but we do encourage all citizens to get involved in helping to keep Winnipeg clean and beautiful. What can you do? Contact us to request free supplies and organize a volunteer clean up in your neighbourhood.

Please contact 311 to report illegal dumping in your neighbourhood.