We are working on expanding #CleanCanadaTogether in 2018--please join us! 

In 2017, Canada celebrated the 150th anniversary of Confederation. To recognize this milestone year, ten communities and regions proudly participated in a simple initiative dubbed  #CleanCanadaTogether.

Close to 285,000 people across Canada volunteered their time in the spring to pick up litter within their communities! Stats were updated weekly on the Clean Canada Together website to show the progress of events across the entire country.

As far back as 2005, various communities from across Canada have participated in annual spring clean-up activities with GLAD as a major sponsor. These cleanups serve as launching points for community litter management programs throughout the year. Each of these jurisdictions deliver engaging programs, which increase citizen awareness around the impacts of litter, help keep communities clean and safe, and give people a meaningful way to CONTRIBUTE to the sustainability of their city.

With the success of #CleanCanadaTogether in 2017, we would like to invite even more communities to get involved!

In creating a nation-wide litter campaign, communities, big and small, can share ideas and encourage each other to engage their residents in activities that helps address a consistent issue that faces all municipalities, ultimately building litter awareness as part of our national consciousness.

The plan this year is to get more people involved and spark a Canada-wide conversation on litter control.

Does your town or city want to start up or expand a spring litter cleanup campaign? Come join us!

For more information and to register, please email Colleen Kurlowich.

2018 Participating Communities...more coming soon!

Click the community name for a link to the local website and information on how you can get involved in your local community cleanup. Cleanup numbers will be updated weekly.

Population 500,000+:

Edmonton, AB

Hamilton, ON

Mississauga, ON

Nova Scotia

Surrey, BC

Toronto, ON

Vancouver, BC

Winnipeg, MB

Population 100,000 to 500,000:

Langley, BC

Oakville, ON

Population 50,000 to 100,000:

Sarnia, ON

Population 25,000 to 50,000:

Brandon, MB

Brockville, ON

West Vancouver, BC

Population 10,000 to 25,000:

Portage La Prairie, MB

Population 5,000 to 10,000:

La Broquerie, MB

Ville de Plessisville, QU

Population 2,500 to 5,000:

Mitchell, MB

Population under 2,500:

Montague, PEI

Teulon, MB

Thanks to everyone who participated in 2017.

See the news release discussing the results  here.

How can you get involved?

  1. Register your cleanup event with your local campaign.(If your community isn't listed, email us!)
  2. Use the hashtag  #CleanCanadaTogether on social media to share photos of your cleanup.
  3. Tell your friends to get involved!
  4. Have fun!

2017 Results:

  • Brockville -- 35 Cleanups; 393 Participants; 330 Bags 
  • Edmonton -- 762 Cleanups; 13,159 Participants; 9,869 Bags
  • Hamilton -- 154 Cleanups; 24,171 Participants; 7,643 Bags
  • Mississauga -- 61 Cleanups; 3,425 Participants; 5,178 Bags
  • Nova Scotia -- 32 Cleanups; 3,792 Participants; 5,119 Bags
  • Oakville -- 86 Cleanups; 5,763 Participants; 1,522 Bags
  • Toronto -- 1,092 Cleanups; 193,222 Participants
  • Vancouver -- 243 Cleanups; 7,700 Participants; 3,790 Bags
  • Vaughan -- 83 Cleanups; 17,500 Participants
  • Winnipeg -- 100 Cleanups; 15,563 Participants; 28,406 Bags

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