Take Pride - Take Action

"Take Pride, Take Action" is available in-person, and virtually.  

Take Pride, Take Action is a free school presentation offered by Take Pride Winnipeg! to teach students about some of the issues currently facing our planet and how they can contribute to positive solutions to these issues.

The presentation is a series of short video clips on various topics related to how everyone can take small actions to better their community and the world. It covers subjects such as water consumption and shortages, energy conservation, landfills and waste reduction methods. The messages are delivered in age-appropriate ways to optimize students’ understanding. Presentation length is also tailored to the age of the audience.

Students are actively encouraged to ask questions and bring forth their ideas. With each issue discussed students are taught what they can do to take action and make a difference in taking better care of our planet.

For more information or to book a presentation, please contact Tom Ethans: tom@takepride.mb.ca or 204 956 7590