Snow Angels

Please note: our winter 2019/2020 list is now full, and this program is on hiatus for winter 2020/2021

We can accept approximately 50-60 homes each season, in central neighbourhoods.  Our volunteer group is small, so we must limit the number of participants, and the city area in order to provide the most timely assistance.  We acknowledge that there are seniors in need of assistance throughout the city, and we've chosen central neighbourhoods due to the higher concentration of seniors in need.

Once you have registered with us, you won’t have to call to request the service after every snowfall.  Your address will be provided to the group supervisor, and they will automatically come out after each major snowfall, and lighter snowfalls when time permits.   The shovelers start in a different neighbourhood each time to keep it fair, and rotate through their list.  This means you might get shoveled out immediately, or it might take as much as a week to get to your home (shovelers don’t work weekends).                              

**If you have vital medical appointments or homecare visits etc... we cannot guarantee the immediate removal of the snow, so if it’s at all possible to hire a professional contractor, we would highly recommend that option.**                                                                                                                                                                                                    

We cover just the basics – front/side/back door for immediate access and mail delivery.  We’ll also do a driveway or garage approach, but often windrows (the piles of ice that gather after the plow comes through) can be too difficult for youth to remove with simple plastic shovels, so we recommend that you have a friend, relative, or neighbour in mind whom you can ask for assistance in the event that a large windrow is blocking your property.

We cannot clear snow from roofs, or decks, we cannot clear around Hydro or gas meters, and we do not provide snow clearance to rental properties or condos (rent/fees are paid to owners and corporations to cover those costs).

 To register for the program, please call 204 956 7590 to speak with Carrie, or email her at Here are the postal codes we cover.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

If your postal code is not shown, we suggest contacting the Senior's Resource Finder for your area: Seniors Resource Finders

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