Brush Up Winnipeg

Please note this program is on hiatus, seeking new sponsorship.

Applications are now being accepted for 2018. Please see details below.

The 2018 Brush Up Winnipeg program, sponsored by Insurance Brokers Association of Manitoba, is an excellent team-building activity for companies seeking to make a difference within their communities and inspire civic pride. Since 2006, the exterior of over 100 homes have been painted throughout the city of Winnipeg.

In 2006, Convergys developed a team-building activity called Brush Up Winnipeg, where employees painted the exterior of one home in need in just one day. The following year, Convergys and Take Pride Winnipeg partnered up to expand the program and seven homes across the city of Winnipeg were painted, and the program has continued since then. Each year, the homes are selected based on both physical and financial criteria. To view the full eligibility criteria, please scroll down.

We invite the corporate community and community groups to become involved in this campaign:

The cost to sponsor and paint a home is $600, as well as providing a minimum of 25 employees/volunteers on Paint Day. Please contact Carrie Lund, programs manager, for more details and to get the forms needed for your teams. Paint Days involve a lot of sweat, but a lot of laughter, too! We would be so happy if you joined us!

Homeowner application information:

Do you: 

  • Own a home in Winnipeg?
  • Are you a senior, or someone with a permanent disability on a fixed income?
  • Not have any assistance from family to help you paint your home's exterior?
  • Is your home a bunglaow or small 1.5 storey?
  • Is your home free from major structural issues?

If you answered "yes" to all of the above, you may be eligible to have the exterior of your home painted at no cost by volunteers as part of the Brush Up Winnipeg program. Please note that we are interested in painting the entire exterior of a home. If your home is primarily brick or vinyl siding, with only trim to paint, it wouldn't fall under the criteria of our program.  We are also not able to assist with painting fences or decks.

To apply, please contact Carrie Lund by email, phone 204-956-7590 The entry deadline this year is May 11, 2018.

The photos below are two examples of the Brush Up Winnipeg program (more examples are posted on Facebook):

Thank you to title sponsor Insurance Brokers Association of Manitoba, as well as partners Dulux Paint, Winnipeg Free Press and City of Winnipeg for helping make this program possible.

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