Benching Plastic Bags - Bag Up 2014 results are in!

This fall, 167 schools and two daycares across Manitoba participated in the MMSM Bag Up Manitoba program, keeping a record 1,596,333 plastic bags out of the landfills.

“Since 2008, close to six million bags have been kept from the landfills, thanks to this program—and over one million in each of the last three years!" says Tom Ethans, executive director at Take Pride Winnipeg! Inc.

“MMSM and businesses from the food, beverage and consumer good sectors are committed to the reduction and recycling of plastic bags in Manitoba,” said Karen Melnychuk, executive director at MMSM. “The success of the Bag Up Manitoba program, which has diverted an astonishing 1.6 million plastic bags from landfill, brings us even closer to our reduction target of 50%. By working with schools, MMSM has an opportunity to make significant breakthroughs in several critical areas including recycling, plastic bag reduction and the environment. Congratulations to all the students and staff involved!”

Take Pride Winnipeg! wishes to thank its title sponsor, Multi-Material Stewardship Manitoba, as well as Gardewine Group, BFI Canada, Trex and Canada Safeway, for their assistance in making this program run smoothly.

Bag Up Manitoba Overall Results

Schools are sorted according to the number of registered students.

Inside Winnipeg

  • 1-200 Students - Westview School 41,087 bags
  • 201-300 Students - Crestview School 20,487 bags
  • 301+ Students - Ecole Robert Browning 53,118 bags

Outside Winnipeg

  • 1-100 Students - Northern Breeze Colony School 45,099 bags
  • 101-300 Students - William S Patterson School 42,182 bags
  • 301+ Students - Scott Bateman School 103,866 bags

It’s important for all students, and teachers to know that the goal of Bag Up Manitoba is to educate, and ultimately reduce the number of plastic bags used in the community. With that message in mind, we wanted to reward schools whose collection numbers may not have been record-breaking, but whose efforts are an important contribution to the goal of waste reduction. While winning a bench for the school is exciting, we want all students to know that the program is not strictly a competition, but rather a lesson in sustainable living. This year, to help with that message, we’ve chosen eight schools at random to receive a bench for their efforts.

Inside Winnipeg

  • St. Alphonsus School
  • Dr. F.W.L. Hamilton School
  • Linden Meadows School
  • École Julie-Riel

Outside Winnipeg

  • Peace Valley School
  • Green Acres School
  • Hazelridge School
  • Gladstone School